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Official opening of 4steps

25th September 2020


New advertising platforms

27th September 2020


New advertising platforms

5th October 2020


New advertising platforms

15th November 2020


New advertising platforms

1th December 2020


New payment system, Payeer

1th December 2020


Add new plans and Renewal project style.

15th december 2020


New advertising platforms

20th december 2020


Roadmap 2021

31th december 2020


Q1.How can I invest with 4STEPS.vip?

A.To make an investment, you must first become a member of 4STEPS.vip
Once you sign up, you can make your first deposit.
All deposits must be made through the Members Area.

PLAN 1- 1.3 % per day for 3 days. (return of the capital at the end of the term) investment range 10$ maximum 200$.
PLAN 2- 1.4% per day for 7 days. (return of capital at the end of the term) investment range 201$ maximum 1000$.

Q2.Can i withdraw my daily profit?

A.Yes, you can withdraw your daily earnings. Minimum withdrawal 0.10$. Funds are normally INSTANT (any issue within 12 business hours).

Q3.What payment methods does 4STEPS.VIP accept?

A.We work only with PERFECT MONEY.

Q4.Did you offer a referral system?

A.Yes, 1% direct referral.

Q5.Can I make a direct deposit of my account balance?

A.Yes! login into your members account and click DEPOSIT and select the Deposit from Spend Funds From Balance.

The referral reward will be accrued even if the deposit has been made from account balance.

Q6.Can I make an additional deposit to the 4STEPS.VIP account once it is opened?

A.YES, you can but all transactions are handled separately.

Q7.Can I open multiple accounts in your program?

A.No. be WARNED, if we find that a member has more than one ACCOUNT per IP address, all funds will be frozen.

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